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LED Task Light with Universal AC + USB charging

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What Customers are saying

  • Bought one of these lights for my husband's birthday. He LOVES it! Love the style of the lamp. Like the phone/tablet stand. Like that the lamp can be dimmed.


  • I needed a new desk lamp which had a small footprint, up-to-date light source, high illumination, and with enough coverage to arch over my oversized desk mat. This one hits all the high marks. The added USB ports and stand for my iPhone is a real plus. Note that a four inch USB cable is perfect to bridge between the USB port and the iPhone stand, but does not give any slack. - Brooklyn USB


  • Great light! I bought a second one! High quality product, well made. Sleek design. Bright.

    Bill J

  • LUX | Toronto

    Coming Fall 2017

  • Brooklyn Desk

    Coming Fall 2017

  • Brooklyn Sconce

    Coming Fall 2017

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